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Free Baby Bib Knitting Patterns

Baby Bib Knitting Patterns. For those that love to knit for babies, there is nothing more satisfying and quick to knit up like cute little baby bibs!

Free Baby Bib Knitting Patterns
Free Baby Bib Knitting Patterns

Lea’s Strawberry Bib
Out of all the super cute baby bib knitting patterns this is one of our favs, so cute with it’s strawberry motif.
Baby Bib Knitting Patterns

Simple Baby Bib
Easy stockinette stitch baby bib with garter stitch border.
Baby Bib Knitting Patterns

A Tail of Two Bunnies
Cute bunny themed baby big free knitting pattern!
Baby Bib Knitting Patterns

Girly Bib
Pretty lace edge girly baby bib to knit
Baby Bib Knitting Patterns

Victoria Bib
This is a sweet little quick knit, and an elegant piece…. meant to get dirty…
lace bib baby knit pattern

Baby Ripples
Knitted baby bib with a ripple stitch pattern.
free baby bib pattern

Orangelo Bib
Worked in “segments”, this bib is sweet and bright, like its namesake fruit.
free baby bib knit pattern

Pussy Foot Bib
Pussy foot lace stitch in this darling free baby bib knitting pattern.
Pussy Foot Bib

Easy Peasy Baby Bib
Simple and classic baby bib to knit.
Easy Peasy Baby Bib

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