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Knit Mittens for Baby

Knit Mittens for Baby. Free knitting pattern by Michelle Hotchin.

Skill Level: Easy

Sizes: Preemie [0-6 months]

“These cute little mitts were inspired by the bowling game that comes with the Nintendo Wii. In it, your character has floating spheres for hands, and I thought it would be adorable as a mitten for an infant (since they don’t need thumbs in their mittens when they’re very young).

The padding in the hand shape keeps babies’ hands nice and toasty warm, too!
The Miittens are knit as a single piece beginning with the interior shell, which is then folded inside the outer shell before it is stuffed and sewn shut.”

Knit Mittens for Baby free pattern for preemie to newborn to 6 months

Free Pattern

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